Indie Shape Range

Union Jack
Extreme Plus
Tribal Extreme
Sun Extreme
Quilted Standard
Shape Stripe
Ocean Natural
Total Natural
Target MOD
Double Cut Hollow
Double Cut Hollow Stripe
Double Cut Standard

Traditional Range

IPR Anniversary
IPR MG Hollow
IPR Solid
IPR Hollow
Super T
2 Tone Stripe Custom
2 Tone Standard
Designer Target
Designer Flag
FDL "Fleur-de-Lys"
ILP-2 Classic Hollow
Indie "V"

Acoustic Range

The "Dude"
The "Dude" Electro DCE
Tree of Life Electro DCE
Designer Target DCE
Streamline AB (Acoustic Bass)

Bass Range

Swamp 4
Swamp 5
IB4 Target
IB4 Flag

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